Responsible Travelling Around Wanaka and NZ

The Wanaka region is a very special part of the world, and our lakes, rivers, forests and mountains need to be treated with care, to ensure that future generations can enjoy them as well.

Below are some tips to help you respect the environment, to feel at home, and travel in safety whether you are camping, hiking or just visiting the region.

Here's some tips to help you and others enjoy Wanaka:

  • Travel and camp only where permitted 
    Check out this page to find where you can camp in the Wanaka region.
  • Remove all waste
    Pack it in, pack it out. Remove all rubbish including human waste. Check out this page to find out how to dispose of human waste properly in the outdoors.
  • Do not light fires 
    For much of the year Wanaka has a prohibited fire season due to the dry conditions. Check before making any fires that it is permitted to do so.
  • Be safe in the outdoors  
    Know before you go, the five simple rules of the Outdoor Safety Code to help you stay safe