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In December 2020, Pinkbike came to Wānaka with photographer Jay French and riders Conor Macfarlane and Brooke Thompson.

Images and words by Jay French. Adapted from a story originally published on

Riders: Conor Macfarlane and Brooke Thompson



As a riding destination, Wānaka is rightfully claiming its place on the map. With a range of different types of riding on offer, there’s something for everyone. Bike Glendhu started as a passion project, born from the ideas of a few inspired locals, and placed in a location which is so stunning you have to see it to believe it. The trails at Bike Glendhu are great. Created under the experienced eye of legendary trail builder Tom Hey, with builders like Remy Morton, it’s a recipe for success, and that’s what it has been.

A pedal-powered park

Jay’s commentary: When I first heard the idea of a pedal access bike park, I was skeptical, but after walking into the hub, and seeing all the people, feeling the stoke and the good vibes, I was immediately convinced that the idea was sound. The Hub and cafe is the heart of the place, the ‘Velo’ Cafe is great, and they have b.effect beers on tap now. I have to give a shout-out to the smoothies, as they were next level – there are people refueling, relaxing and recharging, meeting friends, and riding.

Bike Glendhu is one of those places that you’re bound to bump into someone you know, and that feeling of community resonates from the place. I have to be honest, the most fun I’ve had there was when I rented an e-bike and just blasted around. The climbs are chill and the flow tracks are awesome. If you want jumps, they have them too. Just remember to take in that amazing view at the top.

Conor leads Brooke into the shadow of Roy’s peak, around perhaps the park’s most well-known corner.



Brooke and Conor getting barrelled while surfing the dirt. Bike Glendhu is excellent at keeping their conditions report updated throughout the day, so whenever you visit their website, you’ll be sure to get the latest trail information. And whether it’s hero dirt or dusty – the roosts are always all-time.



Rock slabs galore over the back of Bike Glendhu, these sections are super different to what’s on the front face of the park.



Conor tweaks out of the dust and into one of the tech black forest trails. Try out old faithfuls like Methane Train and Dark Matter, or suss new the new Rocky Borrow Picture Show.