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Boutique bottle shop, tasting room and beverage caterers, Pembroke Wine & Spirits Wānaka does it all. Owners Nadia and Troy Davidson come from an extensive background in the luxury hospitality industry and from the moment you walk in their shop, it shows.

So what can you expect when visiting the shop to buy a bottle of fine wine? Or maybe for a private tasting session? Pure professionalism, from start to finish. Let us tell you all about it.

The Tasting Room

Pembroke Wine & Spirits’ tasting room is the latest addition to an already locally-beloved hotspot. Hosted by Pembroke’s knowledgeable and charismatic resident sommelier, guests can choose from over seven incredible tasting paddles, featuring Otago wine, tequila, craft beer, vodka, whiskey, Cardrona gin and more! (Pro tip: if you don’t have time to make it to the Cardrona Distillery in Wānaka, book a tasting of the same gin at Pembroke!).

Pembroke also provides beautiful platters, with an eclectic mix of cheeses, smoked mussels or salmon, fondue and a host of other options.

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The shopping

Sure, you can quickly run into the supermarket and grab a random bottle of wine off the shelves. But what if you made shopping for wine an experience in itself? Enter Pembroke. With a wide variety of wines, spirits and craft beer to choose from, plus local experts to help make a selection that suits your very unique palate, Pembroke makes shopping for alcohol fun and educational.

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When you’re done your shop, why not stay a while? Settle into their comfy lounge area or take a spot on the patio for an afternoon Happy Hour and a relaxing beverage.

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The atmosphere

The thing that locals love the most about Pembroke Wine & Spirits is the atmosphere. Upon entry, there’s always someone there to greet you with a hello and friendly conversation. It’s light and beautiful inside, the high-top tables and couches are incredibly inviting and the Tasting Room can be made private, if you’re in for a more intimate gathering.

Nadia and Troy have done an excellent job of fostering an environment that welcomes both wine pros and tasting amateurs. And from the first time you buy a bottle there, you can’t wait to head back again and try out another selection.

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Pembroke Wine & Spirits Wanaka can be found on the corner of Dungavron Street.

The Tasting Room can be booked by visiting their website and making a reservation.

The bottle shop is open seven days a week. Beverage catering inquiries can be made on their website.