5 ways the Wanaka i-SITE can help you plan

Make the most of Wanaka

Let’s be honest, everyone wants a local experience when travelling.

And what’s the easiest way to get that in Wanaka? By getting the Wanaka i-SITE involved in your trip planning. Yep, the i-SITE isn’t just for international visitors, it’s perfect for our domestic travellers as well.

Don’t believe us? Here are five ways the Wanaka i-SITE can help you get the most out of your trip.

Save time

When we asked the team at the i-SITE how they can best help visitors, the number one answer was a resounding – “we can help you save time”.

How many times do they hear the phrase, “We should’ve come in to see you on the first day of our trip!” – they hear it A LOT.

Wanaka i-SITE staff help a traveller plan their trip

So, don’t mess around trying to make sense of a million different open tabs on your computer, calling multiple phone numbers and building out a mega Excel spreadsheet to schedule your trip (impressive as it may be). Call the fine folks at the i-SITE or even send them a Facebook Message via our website.

Already in town? Not to worry. Get down to the i-SITE on Ardmore Street and have a chat in person!

Exclusive packages

Okay, so now that you’ve saved boatloads of time, let the i-SITE get you the best value. They’re masters at bundling and have even put together activity packages like their Bike & Taste daytrip and Family Activities bundle, so you can experience as much of Wanaka as possible!

The Wanaka i-SITE staff show customers brochures


Insider tips

The Wanaka i-SITE team is comprised entirely of locals – and they’ve done it all! They know things that you can’t Google and can help you discover the side of Wanaka that you don’t know – and might’ve missed!

Wanaka i-SITE staff show a map of Wanaka

As if that isn’t enough, their in-depth industry knowledge stretches beyond Wanaka – it’s New Zealand-wide! So, tee up that roadtrip, because they can help you plan every stop along the way.

Friendly faces

It’s no secret, locals have a deep love for Wanaka. And we have a passion for sharing it. The i-SITE team is no different. They’re absolutely thrilled to plan your dream trip for you and can’t wait for you to experience this place for yourself.

Wanaka i-SITE staff show a customer activity brochures

Keep everyone happy

We’ve saved the best for last because anyone with kids knows that this is truly gold. The i-SITE team can wrangle any family and find an activity that keeps all ages stoked.

The interior of the Wanaka i-SITE

Need a compromise? No problem, sometimes you need multiple activities to please the masses and the i-SITE are scheduling wizards. Maybe Dad takes the little ones to Puzzling World while Mom goes stand-up paddleboarding and the teenagers go via ferrata climbing. Then everyone meets up for dinner at Amigos on-time for a 7pm reservation.

 Yep, the i-SITE can make that happen.

A crowd at the Wanaka i-SITE

The Wanaka i-SITE is an accredited member of New Zealand’s official Visitor Information Network and is endorsed by Tourism New Zealand. For help planning your trip call 03-443 1233, email [email protected] or hit the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen.