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There’s a cultural shift taking place and Way South, a short film directed by New Zealand creative extraordinaire Benn Jae for Lake Wānaka Tourism is a step towards a future that is truly inclusive.

Showcasing the unrivaled beauty of Wānaka while embracing diversity and challenging the status quo, Way South is an adaptation of Courtney Sina Meredith’s, ‘No Motorbikes, No Golf’, from her debut poetry collection Brown Girls in Bright Red Lipstick.

Two people running into the water

Some cast members are recognisable, such as actress Awa Puna and musician Luca George who lends his talent and single All for You to the soundtrack for Way South and has a special connection having grown up in Wānaka. The remaining talent were ‘street cast’ and all are representative of the LGBTQI+ community and the wonderful tapestry that is Aotearoa.

Stepping aside to let the story unfold we’ve ended up with a progressive, beautifully crafted piece that evokes an emotive response, embraces human complexity, creates impact and challenges what’s expected or possible.

Person standing in a red dress in a sheep paddock
 “Possibly the only thing more gorgeous than the ridgelines of the Southern Alps is a crimson boa framed by the ridgelines of the Southern Alps” LW 1964.

Our friends at 1964 Magazine (also known for their beautifully crafted story telling) have interviewed Benn Jae on how he approached this project.  You can read the article here and watch the 8 minute full-length film here.