The Ultimate Guide to Heli-Skiing

By Stina Bebenroth from Harris Mountains Heli-Ski

It looks so easy when James Bond does it right? Jumping onto your board/skis, leaping out of a helicopter and chasing the bad guy. We want to let you in on a secret - it is that easy! 

Amazing views, untouched slopes, the feeling of soft, un-tracked powder. It doesn’t matter if you are an intermediate, or an advanced skier - it truly is an experience for everyone! So what do you need to know before you fly with Harris Mountains Heli-Ski

Safety First

Your safety and well being is the most important thing; right down to the choice of terrain, avalanche training and instructions on how to move around a helicopter. Everything is set up in a way to make you feel comfortable and safe.

What Gear Do I Need?

All you need to bring are a set of  powder skis or a board, which are also available to rent, suitable ski outerwear and the want to have an amazing time! You are also welcome to bring your camera but Harris Mountains Heli-Ski do offer a video service.

How many people will I be with?

Each group consists of four people plus a guide. One helicopter can cater up to four groups, as the helicopter can outpace even the fastest group. 

How does the day run?

After a safety briefing, the heli whisks you up for your first contact with fresh snow. Two or three runs in, the crew offers a delicious lunch in the middle of the Southern Alps. The break also gives you some time to chat with the guides,all of them have been working for Harris Mountains Heli-Ski for years and there is more than one tale to tell. They are the real experts when it comes to skiing in these mountains and exploring this wilderness. Afterwards the fun continues. More powder, more un- tracked terrain, more helicopter action. At the end of the day your pilot will fly you back to the point where you started the day. 

And don’t be surprised if you feel the urgent need for a dry martini once you are back. We call that the James Bond Effect!