Dirt guide: Trail tips from local MTB pros

So you want to ride Wanaka and Queenstown? Better start here. Remy Morton of Queenstown and Phoebe Coers of Wanaka have you sorted with the ultimate guide to dirt in our region.

Downhill or trail-riding, steezy or beezy, high-octane or lowkey. Whatever gets your wheels spinning, we've got the dirt guide from the local pros; Remy Morton of Queenstown and Phoebe Coers of Wanaka.

What’s your favourite area to ride in Queenstown or Wanaka?

PC: Coronet Peak would have to be my favorite place to ride, the trails are super fun and it has a few harder trails in the area. It also has a good climb!

RMSkyline Mountain Bike Park in central Queenstown would have to be my favourite spot to ride, potentially my favourite spot out of nearly every place I’ve ridden around the world actually. It's got everything, from beginner to pro riding and caters for a massive audience of riding styles!


Favourite trail?

PC: Coronet DH track!!!

RM: Bubba - Skyline Queenstown.


And what about if you’re up for a big slog? What’s your go-to sufferfest trail?

PC: Fernhill Loop up the Skyline access road! It’s an absolute slog.

RM: Adze Up - Bike Glendhu, Wanaka.

BG bike

Any tricks of the trade to give away? A secret trail?

PC: It's not a secret, but the pump track at Hanley's Farm is a hidden gem!

RM: If you’re new in town or have even been around for a long time, I think the best thing to do is meet up and ride with people you don’t know. Every rider in Queenstown has their own little go-to tracks and link trails/lines they know of and I always discover new things with new friends!


Let’s say we’re new to mountain biking, where do we even begin?!

PC: Hit some fun flowy trails and work on the basics to get the feel for the bike. Find friends who bike!

RM: I would recommend going into Vertigo Bike shop located on Brecon Street in the middle of Queenstown. They have a huge amount of knowledge, being one of the original bike shops of the region with a very helpful crew of staff and a large range of hire bikes & trail mapping to get you underway!

Friends bike

On the days that you don’t feel like pedalling, where can we find you?

PC: On my days not on the bike I may be found in the gym or running, on the side of a netball court or in a cafe drinking huge amounts of hot chocolates!

RM: You’ll either find me in the middle of the bush maintaining our local trail network or sun bathing at the beach!


Remy Morton is a Red Bull sponsored athlete that calls Queenstown home. Phoebe Coers is an Enduro World Series pedaling machine that hails from Wanaka.


Check out all the Queenstown Lakes riding areas, including Bike Glendhu, Cardrona Bike Park, Skyline Bike Park and Coronet Peak. Looking to find other spots? Check out the Tracks app or Trailforks.