What is the #LoveWanaka Sustainability Series?

Our #LoveWanaka Sustainability Series is all about how you can take care of our place and travel sustainably.

New Zealand is precious. Everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to protect it.
The #LoveWanaka Sustainability Series is a collection of blogs featuring sustainability stories from the community, helping both locals and travelers to take care of our place.

The Tiaki Promise

The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand while you are here. This means care for the land, sea and nature by treading lightly and leaving no trace.

It also means traveling safely and showing care for others around you.

Lastly, it means that you have respect for culture and that you travel with an open heart and mind.


The #LoveWanaka Sustainability Series

In the past, we’ve used #LoveWanaka to share the incredible experiences that our visitors and locals have had during their time in our beautiful place. But now, to have love for Wanaka means that we also care for Wanaka.

Each of the below blog pieces features a different way that our community has come together to help locals and visitors act more sustainably while enjoying Wanaka. Click a title to check it out!