P.E Nation's girls trip to Wanaka

We talk all things ski and Wanaka with fashion aficionado Pip Edwards, co-owner of lifestyle brand P.E Nation.

Who is Pip?

I’m Pip Edwards, co-founder and creative director of P.E NATION.

Can you explain what travelling with your girlfriends means to you?

It's time to really be present with them, create memories and connect on our own terms... as it's hard to have these incredible moments with life's daily demands breathing down your neck.    

What is the best piece of advice when travelling to Wanaka with your friends?

Get ready to be blown away by the landscape, be prepared to devour the best cuisine, drink the best wine, and know that it will be action-packed when you hit the slopes.


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Booth time

What is something you discovered on your trip in Wanaka?

I have really enjoyed getting to know the Wanaka community, the people, and the local businesses. But most of all, I’ve been so lucky to experience the sheer magnificence of the landscape; a landscape that has the power to stop you in your tracks because its so powerful and beautiful. It's nothing like you have ever seen.


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Heli Ready

What’s your favourite spot in Wanaka and why?

Whare Kea Lodge - because you can't beat the view looking back at Wanaka while overlooking the mountains and the lake... it's pure magic! My other favourite spot is the Dripping Bowl. 


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A toast to the motherland